Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Aquatic Crustacean Diseases

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Introduction to Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Aquatic Crustacean Diseases

The Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Aquatic Crustacean Diseases (JKLACD) was founded under the auspices of Ocean & Fishery Administration of Jiangsu Province in 2009. It is focused primarily on the practical problems appeared in Jiangsu aquaculture, especially for serious epidemic diseases of economic crustaceans.

We conduct both basic science research and the applied research in. three major areas:

(1) Functional genes of pathogen and the immune mechanism of crustacean host;

(2) Epidemiology and detection technology for serious epidemic crustacean disease;

(3) Optimization of culture environment and disease prevention and control.

In recent years, our laboratory has undertaken 5 national projects, 13 provincial-level projects, and published 37 research papers in the world's leading journals of science and technology (cited in the Science Citation Index SCI), among which 15 papers are in the top 10 rated journals in the field. We also published five National Invention Patents and received a Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology Award by the Ministry of Agriculture. In addition, we established a number of collaborations with laboratories in the United States, European Union and Japan, and universities and research institutes in China. By partnering with Narcissus Company of Jiangsu Province, we established the School and Corporation Union and Postgraduates Service Station, the first graduate student workstation approved by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education.

We strive to conduct innovative and breakthrough researches, and are committed to combining theory with practice, transforming the theoretical research into applications, and providing research outcome and services to the local production practice and sociality.

Laboratory Director: Prof. Wen Wang

Academic Committee Director: Prof. Jianguo He